Safe Haven

Safe Haven got its name because during the Holocaust it was a refuge shelter. It now serves as a museum keeping the stories of the almost 1,000 refugees alive. The refugees were and were allowed into the states as "guests" of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The building itself is housed within an original 1905 gatehouse at the Fort Ontario State Park.

The Fort itself actually has some interesting history. It has been in use for every American was. It was actually built on the ruins of three earlier fortifications that dated back to the French Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812.
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The original settlement actually predates the American Revolution with the fur trade that was done. The port was named by congress in 1799 as the deepest freshwater port in America. The city was incorporated in 1848 and has served as a strategic defense and shipping port. The Oswego River actually divides the east and the west dies of town, and along the east river.

During the mid-1800s the Erie canal made it possible for there to be commerce between the Great Lake, Syracuse, NYC, and beyond. The White Maritime Museum has one of the best collections of maritime artifacts in the Great Lakes area. Safe Haven is home to a fleet of history that you won't want to miss out on. While in Oswego, NY stop in and experience the history. Make sure to check their website for any closure that you need to be aware of and updates. Make sure that you donate to the museum so that they can keep things looking great for you to enjoy.


The museum is open 7 days a week from 11 am until 4 pm. Children just $3 and adults are just $5
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